About Us


With over a quarter century of experience as a producer, writer, and on-air broadcaster, Robert Barber brings a wealth of practical and technical understanding of the mechanics of media communications.

When clients need impossible projects – from 12-camera coverage of a mock subway disaster in New York City to a Satellite Media Tour from Monrovia, Liberia – Barber Group makes things happen.

Case in point:

Three weeks after the September 11th terrorist attacks, the United Nations Foundation wished to produce a 10-city interactive satellite tour as a way for the UN and its Secretary General, Kofi Annan, to reach out to the American people. The airdate was October 11th, exactly one month after the attacks.

The Barber Group was brought in to produce the program. With just nine days until air, BGI put together a staff of nearly three hundred technical and production personnel and the equipment necessary to allow moderator Walter Cronkite and Secretary General Annan to interact with questioners in ten cities across the country.

The execution was flawless.

BGI has produced videos or TV commercials for the Business Software Alliance, Prince George’s County, Maryland, Captain Morgan for President, Microsoft Corporation, The Salvation Army and Domino’s Pizza just to name a few.

Personal Attention

When you work with the Barber Group, you deal directly with its President, Robert J. Barber. Robert has a unique talent for visualizing the end product and successfully delivering it on your timetable. His natural creative ability lends itself to outstanding results, and his personal commitment to quality and attention to detail to every project – large or small – is the company’s hallmark.

From concept to execution, single project or complete campaigns, Barber Group offers turnkey solutions – without sacrifice and without limits.


Robert Barber is the President and founder of The Barber Group, Inc. (BGI), a full-service media production and communications consulting company in Alexandria, Virginia. BGI’s clients include Fortune 500 companies, elected officials, trade associations, national and nonprofit organizations, and think tanks. The Barber Group has also generously donated production projects to charity organizations.

By way of background, Robert Barber began his career as a TV reporter and was promoted to become anchor of local “Good Morning America” edition at WEVU-TV in Ft. Myers, Florida. During his time at the U.S. Senate Majority Conference, Mr. Barber helped pioneer the first video actuality system from Congress. This innovation was highlighted in Hedrick Smith’s book, The Power Game.

Among his many accomplishments prior to founding BGI, Barber was Deputy Director of Media Relations for the United States Secretary of Transportation. During this time he designed and supervised the implementation of DOT’s state-of-the-art employee communications system that was used to reach over 135,000 DC-based DOT employees daily. That system is still in use today.

Before joining the DOT, Barber served as a senior producer at Ailes Communications with Roger Ailes, now President of the Fox News Channel. His primary responsibility was the production of television spots for a wide range of distinguished political clients, an experience that gave Robert the diverse skill and knowledge of dealing in many different political arenas and with a variety of personalities. He brings this diplomacy and finesse to each and every project. Mr. Barber is well regarded by his clients and vendors and has long-standing relationships with many of them.

With over twenty-five years of experience as a producer, writer, and on-air broadcaster, Barber brings a wealth of practical and technical understanding of the mechanics of media communication to guarantee BGI’s clients’ messages are influential, persuasive, and heard loud and clear to the appropriate target audience. Whether it’s working on a grassroots campaign for the American Hospital Association’s Teaching Hospitals congressional advocacy efforts, producing videos used in anti-terrorist training exercises, or arranging satellite media tours for key organizations such as UNICEF, Barber has the experience, talent, boundless resources, and strategic alliances with industry experts to assure that your project exceeds all expectations.